Goog vs Evil a 21st Century business strategy

So if Umair really is correct regarding evil DNA leading to industrial strategic incompetence in the 21st century and that Facebook really is Anakin Skywalker, we can as DJK proclaims, predict the inevitable outcome. Lets play along with the supposition for a little fun..

After Facebook’s meteoric rise it is taken under the wing of the emperor, in this case Microsoft, led toward the darkside, betraying its original underlying principles. Here Facebook is taught to use the darkside of the force – ‘competition’ rather than the ‘collaborative’ side of the force. It is now using the darkside to try and dominate the universe. But The darkside has a fundamental weakness and Facebook’s Glass Jaw is showing us its Achilles heal, this is providing the rebellion and the Jedi a fighting chance.

At this point we are up to date in the story, I think Steve Gillmor might have us believe that luke is Mesh or ‘Twitter’, but Mesh and Twitter are not of Facebook’s loins, I think however Steve may be Obi-Wan and could help lead Luke from anonymity to center stage. Later Luke will visit the wise Yoda to train as a Jedi and fight for the forces of good, he will be taught to use the collaboration and not fall foul of the darkside by controlling his competitive feelings. So who is Luke and how will we recognize him, well he is to become a Jedi, standing for good and using the ‘collaborative force’ to fight the ‘competitive darkside’ so we will judge him by his actions, trust will be our compass. And who are the rebellion? well that one one is easy, it’s you and me fighting for what we know is good, helping and supporting Luke. In this sense Luke may turn out to be the first of many Jedi showing others the way with VRM.

Of course the burning questions is that in Facebook’s last minutes will it turn and save luke from Microsoft and show that it was not all evil, but as Luke believed, it had some good left in it..

*Update If what Scoble says is correct that makes this story all the more interesting.

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