Viva le re-volition

One of the best feelings I get is when I look into one market where it’s edges are starting to rub up against other markets or forces that they have previously been distanced from. It’s a bit like gene splicing only it happens with entire markets and industries. I have had the good fortune to experience this first hand in the pc software market, first with it’s commoditisation and then with the amazing evolution resulting from the forces of OpenSource the internet and free speech.

More recently I have been involved with the 3fficient projects (partly the reason for slower posts here!). This has taken me from my decades work in the PC and web software industry back into the hardware and embedded industries. It’s beeen a fascinating journey over the last few months and I see radical changes afoot as both of these markets collide along with mobile technologies.

It’s like the coming together of 3 great continents : PC desktop/server meets embedded meets mobile and mixed into the whole boiling pot is the magic ingredient of OpenSource, shearing off complete business models and opening a multitude on new opportunities. To be honest I haven’t been this excited since the late 90’s when I discovered linux and the internet, given the changes OpenSource and open standards brought to bear on those emerging markets, the scope for embedded and mobile space innovations are absolutely huge. At this early stage there are great deal of opportunities for change and invention, I’m not just talking about iPhones, I am talking about the wider picture, complete re-invetion of ubiquitous computing itself.

There are already key signs of things changing, a good example is the Netbook, I love it’s emergence and adore it’s underlying philosophy of ‘just enough’. But it isn’t just netbooks that emerge from this thinking as we will see ‘just enough’ changing many niches and even entire markets. Take servers for example, although many see these just getting bigger and more powerfull, at 3fficient we are building ‘just good enough’, adequate, sufficient and requisite and turning a few heads. In the enterprise we are also seeing OpenSource as being ‘good enough‘ and I don’t mean that in a bad way, good enough is really important and is a definite requirement for commodity and rapidly expanding value driven markets.

But there are many other great things that cross over from these different markets, embedded’s efficiency brings a welcome breeze of fresh air to an industry obese with it’s own wastefulness, yes I’m talking about the PC industry, it’s fat margins and greedy consumption of resources and power are a folly waiting to be exposed by an efficient army of adequates. The artificial walls erected by the greedy vendors are about to be kicked in by a band of decent,fair and capable new innovators and value driven green entrepreneurial anarchists. I’m not joking, these fat bastards are going to see their knees shattered by the crippling depression unfolding beneath them, they will not survive unscathed.

The Age of endless consumption’s collapses beneath us is revealing it’s true lack of value creation. But built upon the consumerist rubble from its collapse will come a new efficient age. Instead of consumption, innovation, dedication and collaboration will bring efficiency and value, business itself will be reborn to construct and deploy value back into the global eco system. Contrast this to the worlds resource strip mining of the 19th and 20th centuries, its about bloody time and I am glad to be instrumental in it, what about you lot what are you doing to help?

Anyhow it’s been a while since I blogged here and had a few things to get of my chest sorry and hope you don’t mind my occasional rants šŸ˜‰

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